World War Me

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I also published the real story behind why I changed my name:

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World War Me


This is the end I am afraid.

I know I promised I would finish my story but Ill have to break this one.. I cannot continue anymore, the hate I have seen in the past few days.. shocked me. I get it, I am blunt and many do not like a blunt person. That is how I started in the fandom and that is how I had always been remembered.

People will not remember what you said, they will remember how you made them feel.

I have grown up a lot since my debute in 2012. I also like to think that I better myself on a personal level but also as a writer. There are no words to express how thankful I am to all my readers.

I know you must think: well if you like us so much, finish your story, and I would respond that you are not wrong in your thinking.

The problem is that my heart is not in it anymore because the hate I saw, was so hurtful that I cannot phantom the idea of writing for this fandom ever again.

I am an adult, I am the mother of a wonderful daughter and I like to live my life keeping in mind her beautiful smile and think: What would I do if this was her?

Would I stand by and say nothing? Or would I support her?

Karma is a bitch and I did deserve some of the words that were spoken, but my post had good intentions and whether you believe me or not is not what matters. Its the result that does.

Freedom of expression is something that is so very important but gets forgotten. I was told that any type of criticism is hurtful and I begged to differ. Some criticism have intention to better things and it is opinions that changes the world. It is people who thrive to make it a better place that in the end should be remembered.

Bullying someone because they do not agree with you is not okay especially if that person never meant to hurt you. I tried to apologize directly to the people I hurt, I tried to do it on the Awards page and my comment was not approved.

You know how that makes me feel? Not even allowed to publicly apologize so the haters see that I am a good person not what I am depicted to be?

Sad. But not for me guys, I am not sad for myself but for the fandom. Because now I am afraid that this bullying has greater repercussions then what you can see right now or feel.

It’s about freedom of expression and I highly doubt anyone in this fandom will dare to speak up about something negative they want to help fix nor have different opinions that goes against the main authors of this fandom ever again.

And that my friends, is the tragedy in all of this. Not me, not my stories, but that bullyism won.

And please don’t get me wrong, I do not think people as bullies. I don’t think any members of the Authority thought “hey! this is a chance to get rid of this bitch”. I think they were hurt and just shared their own opinions and thoughts but it had terrible consequences just like my post had some too.

For what it is worth, I am truly sorry that my post had such horrible negative effect on the whole thing.

I hope some day readers, you will understand me and accept why I had to break my promise to you and all I want to leave behind is this: you are entitled to your opinion and you just need to remember that people will not remember your words but how you made them feel.
Unfortunately for me, I inspired feelings of hate and disgust. I hope you never have to experience that in your life.